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Advent Greetings

Last Sunday we celebrated the First Sunday of Advent, the beginning of our New Year.

For many people the next four weeks will be full of preparation. Buying presents, ordering the turkey sending out Christmas cards, shopping and more shopping.

For the Church it is also a time of preparation. Preparing to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in Bethlehem over two millennia ago, but more importantly preparing for his Second Coming. This is why Advent is Penitential Season. It is a time when we are called to repent – to “turn away from”.

So this Advent let us take time not only to prepare for Jesus’ birth; but let us make time by turning away from those things which prevent us from putting God first in our lives;  those things that prevent us from loving and respecting each other as we do ourselves. So let us prepare our souls for: “the Day of the Lord is near”. Lord forgive the sins of your people.