Joining the Christ Church Family

I have been here only 10 months but it feels like I have always been here! I feel so much at home in all the services and activities in Christ Church. The reason for this is the amazing support I have received since I started in July. The whole Christ Church family had to work hard both during the interregnum and after I had been installed as House for Duty Priest. I will never forget the wonderful hospitality at my licensing and was struck by how many people worked together, showing generosity of spirit to friends and strangers alike. I am very grateful to the whole Christ Church family, all those who hold offices and those who work continuously behind the scenes and have done an incredible amount of work but do not have a title as such. So many give selfless service to our church.

With the help of God, we must all take on the responsibility of welcoming the stranger and making Christ Church available to more people. Our Easter Message was to ‘Rise and Shine for Jesus.’ We rise from the place of sin to clothe ourselves with the new life in Christ. We had a day retreat on the 25th March 2017 where we looked at the theme ‘Born to Shine.’ We are rooted and grounded in Christ and so with Christ within us who can be against us!

May God continue to richly bless us as we work together to bring God’s kingdom into this area.

Revd Gita Bond