Christ Church Vision: Bringing Jesus into the heart of the Community

Dear Friends

We pray every morning 9am and evening 7.30pm; there is also Ecumenical prayers 8am and 8pm on Thursdays. You are welcome to join us in the vicarage garden with social distancing. Please continue to join us in the on-line for Mass on the sixth Sunday after Trinity and Zoom Sunday school at 4pm.
Today is Alma Sunday (the diocesan partnership with the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique) bringing compassionate help to the poorest. Please give generously, as we work with Bishops Manuel, Vicente, Carlos and André as true partners in the Gospel in this global pandemic.

There is a 3 minute video here

Some of us are back in church for worship and the numbers are gradually growing. We love and dearly miss those who need to be shielded. Everyone has received a card, bulletin and a little gift and let’s maintain that spirit of togetherness in the on-line services. Thank you for all of your prayers, may we continue to pray for families, and loved ones in these pre-vaccine days and stay in touch with each other.
Please remember the bereaved may God surround all their loved ones with His comfort and peace. We continue to pray for each other that others may see the beauty of Jesus in us.

COLLECT for the Sixth Sunday after Trinity (19.7.2020)
Merciful God,
You have prepared for those who love you
Such good things as pass our understanding:
Pour into our hearts such love toward you
That we, loving you in all things and above all things,
May obtain your promises,
Which exceed all that we can desire
Through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
Who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit
One God, now and forever.

First reading Gen 28: 10 – 19a
Psalm 139: 1 – 11; 22 – 23 Responsorial Psalm ‘You, O Lord, created my inward parts.’
Second Reading Rom 8: 12 – 25
Gospel Reading Matt 13: 24 – 30; 36 – 43

In Today’s Gospel reading the parable shows God’s amazing patience and forgiveness. God allows both the wheat and weeds to grow together – he longs to save all people and make them his own. Are we doing enough to spread the Good News?
Every single person is precious to God . It’s difficult to know everything about a person, we don’t know the scars or hurts in people’s hearts. People may not recognise our intrinsic value, but God does. Our intrinsic value is important to us. When we cannot change in any way. God recognises it. God want us to be vehicles of this for one another. Our deepest desire is to be loved and it is the Holy Spirit who makes known to us the fullness of Jesus’ love, so that we can love others. Only in our relationship with Jesus can we share this love, especially in these difficult days let’s bring to others Jesus in whom we find refreshment and true rest for our souls.
Have a blessed week!

Revd Gita Deborah Bond